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По названию темы вижу - не только ВМСУ здесь отметиться могут.): Посему даю ссылку на сайт, где есть предположение, что штабной корабль бригады в СССР восстановлен как "СЕВАСТОПОЛЬ". -DDSG "GRAFENAU" (N14) Linz, im Juli 1942 in Dienst gestellt. Im August 1944 bei km 555, Svistov gesunken, durch SU gehoben "SEVASTOPOL"- http://www.polpi.net/neue%20geschichten.htm Может есть у кого предположения или подтверждения?

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гостиница CARLTON 4* superior first Местонахождение: Недалеко от центра Адрес: PASEO DE LAS DELICIAS 26, 28045 MADRID, SPAIN, Телефон: 34-91-5397100, Факс: 34-91-5278510 Количество комнат: 137 Скидки детям: с 2 по 12 лет. Баров: 1 Банкетных залов: 5 Обслуживание: c 730 до 1130 Описание: Расположение NEAR CENTRE 14 km to the nearest airport: MADPALOS DE LA FRANTERA 3 minute walk to nearest bus stop. 12 km to the nearest fair site: JUAN CARLOS I Дополнительная информация LOCATION The hotel is located in one of the most interesting and well served areas of downtown Madrid, "Paseo De Las Delicias". It is very close to Atocha station and the parque "El Retiro" which is located in the residential and financial area of the city. ROOMS The rooms are of a high standard and well decorated. There are 12 elegant semi-suites. The remaining rooms are all decorated with marble bathrooms with both a shower and a bath. RESTAURANT The hotel provides an exquisite breakfast buffet and has elegant dining facilities and an excellent reputation among gourmets. EXTERIOR It occupies a corner position, and has an interesing facade depicting the most famous monuments in Spain. LOBBY The lobby is well presented and standard in size. It has beautiful marble floors and mirrors on the walls. There is an attractive bar and a deluxe restaurant upstairs. GENERAL Its location makes a good hotel for both tourists and business visitors. 10/03MP События 09.09.2004 - 13.09.2004: Fashion Jewellery Week 24.09.2004 - 26.09.2004: International Leather Week 09.11.2004 - 14.11.2004: Int`l Multimedia Fair 13.01.2005 - 17.01.2005: Gift & Jewellery Fair 25.01.2005 - 30.01.2005: FITUR - Tourism Fair 11.02.2005 - 14.02.2005: Fashion Show 23.02.2005 - 26.02.2005: Air Conditioned Exhb 24.03.2005 - 27.03.